Our Services


Our Services

Consolidated Accounts and Reporting

MPM & Partners (Monaco) provides you with a comprehensive asset management summary: Portfolio evaluation, Performance tracking and Historical track record of all transactions executed. If your assets are deposited with different Banks, the consolidation of the accounts will provide you with a global view of your assets, and the detailed sectorial risks, currencies, asset classes.

A global vision

MPM & Partners offers you its experience to determine and define the investments which fits you on different financial markets, through a panel of international banks.
MPM & Partners can also provide you with support and advice in different fields such as:

  • Life Insurance
  • Legal Advisory
  • Fiduciary Services
  • Fiscal Planning
  • Succession Planning
  • Credits Loans and Mortgages

Account Keeping and Financial Monitoring

MPM & Partners (Monaco) invested in a sophisticated financial and Banking software, Capital Banking Solutions, which allows to keep real time positions and evaluations and helps in taking efficient and rapid decisions.